We handle every aspect of your marketing strategy, from market analysis, to strategic planning, to direct mail, to RVSP calls, and appointment setting. We have over 20 years of experience generating high quality prospects for insurance and financial professionals. Our marketing consultants can provide personalized recommendations on how to most effectively grow your business. 


We have a constant flow of fresh mailers and internet quotes in your requested Zip codes. We use these tools to help book your appointments in the call center. The average agent does between 2-5 million per year and 4-7 million per year in money management "if applicable." The average commission is between 10-20k and many cases have been as high as 300k in commissions. 


We schedule free reviews for seniors who want to talk with someone about their investments. We handle the entire process from appointment scheduling and confirmations, to qualifying prospects. We use a proven pre-qualification process, so each prospect you meet with has satisfied the criteria you establish. Our highly qualified and exclusive prospect typically has an annuity, IRA, or 401k with moveable funds.


We offer Double Verified Leads with potential clients who have Variable Annuities, which are at or near the surrender dates. Also they often have an IRA and/or 401K, with movable funds. Our Focus is to qualify all prospects as to their current Financial Status and their overall Long Term Financial Goals. Our exclusive leads also provide clients that regularly receive statements on their current Insurance, IRA or 401K.

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