For many financial professionals, prospecting qualified clients can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Seminars are a proven way to attract quality clients, build your professional image, and close more business. They provide the tools necessary for advisors to exhibit their expertise, cultivate trust, and motivate people to take action. Opendoor Appointments​ offers a comprehensive seminar campaign that includes all of the tools, resources, and support to make sure your event is a success.   

We handle every aspect of your marketing strategy, from market analysis, to strategic planning, to direct mail, to RVSP calls, and appointment setting. We have over 20 years of experience generating high quality prospects for insurance and financial professionals. Our marketing consultants can provide personalized recommendations on how to most effectively grow your business.


Our team acts as an advocate to represent your best interest and serves as a resource for market intelligence and competitor insight. We'll help you develop a comprehensive plan to assist you with sourcing qualified prospects and ultimately drive growth.  

STEP 1: Target Your Audience Inviting the appropriate clients and prospects can help ensure that time and money are not wasted. We use one of the largest databases in the world to take the guesswork out of who’s coming to your event. By using multiple data files we identify the age, income, zip code criteria and other available selects. Most event mailers generate between 2% and 5% response rates.  We combine your local knowledge with our data to create the best response.  

STEP 2: Choose Time and Place To maximize your attendance, choosing the correct date and appropriate venue is very important. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays get the best results and restaurants have the highest attendance, beating out country clubs and hotels. Holding a meeting in a conference facility may fail to put some prospects at ease in the same way that a restaurant can. Restaurants are particularly helpful if you are building your image in the community. Seriously consider offering a complete meal at your event.  

 STEP 3: Give a Special Offer A special offer will motivate your target audience to respond and attend your seminar. Some RSVP incentives like a chance to win cash as well as other door prizes, are very effective and help fill the room. We handle the invitation writing, mailing, RSVP calls, and offer a variety of incentives to increase attendance or to reward prospects you convert at the event. Be sure to ask us about the options when you call.

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