Premium Leads

Get premium leads from qualified prospects for annuities, insurance, investments and retirement planning. We provide exclusive leads for insurance and financial advisors.​ Boost your income stream with a senior pipeline of exclusive qualified fresh leads. Our leads are pre-qualified to meet the prospects needs. Our staff will update the assets, account balances, financial goals and confirm if the prospect has an IRA or 401k which are in need of review. Our specialty is in meeting the needs of our clients and investors with $250,000 in their investment portfolios. 


  1. Get 5-10 Pre-Qualified leads per week
  2. 100% Exclusive Double Verified Leads
  3. Exclusive Territory Plans
  4. No Contracts, Pay As You Go
  5. Compliance Friendly

Exclusive Annuity Leads:

  1. 100 Double Verified Leads for $7,500
  2. 150 Double Verified Leads for $8,500
  3. 50 Double Verified Leads for $5,000

We offer Double Verified Leads with potential clients who have Variable Annuities, which are at or near the surrender dates. Our leads also provide clients that regularly receive statements on their current Insurance, IRA or 401K (with moveable funds). Our Focus is to qualify all prospects as to their current Financial Status and their overall Long Term Financial Goals. We do not resell client referral information. Each lead you receive is guaranteed to be exclusive to you. We will never deliver the same prospect to another advisor, giving you fresh new referrals every time. 

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