Get busy closing sales instead of chasing prospects and scheduling appointments. Let us show you how our appointment program puts you in front of more prospects and helps you close more business. Sit face-to-face with annuity, insurance or investment prospects. This successful program has enabled advisors to be in front of 3-5 strong prospects every week (all they have to is show up and present).  


We handle the entire process from appointment scheduling and confirmations to follow-ups. Pre-set appointments give you access to pre-screened and motivated individuals. Many advisors are seeing as many as 5-10 appointments per week! Pre-sets have a quick turnaround time (Our advisors close 1 out of 5 appointments, with an average $250,000 sale)

Pre-set appointments are a viable option for advisors who want to create a steady flow of qualified prospects without sacrificing huge amounts of time and resources. Pre-set appointments allow you to identify and connect with your preferred customer base in a personal one-on-one meeting. We schedule free reviews for prospects who want to talk with someone about their insurance or investments.  We use a proven pre-qualification process, so each prospect you meet with has satisfied the criteria you establish. Our highly qualified and exclusive prospect typically has an annuity, IRA, or 401k with moveable funds.


  1. Get 3-5 Pre-Set Appointments per week
  2. Exclusive Pre-Qualified Prospects
  3. Script is Customized for Each Advisor
  4. Calls are Recorded
  5. Compliance Friendly

Appointment Plans:

  1. 50 Pre-Set Appointments for $7,500
  2. 75 Pre-Set Appointments for $8,500
  3. 25 Pre-Set Appointments for $5,000

Opendoor Appointments, Inc. can help design a cost-effective plan that provides administrative efficiencies and drives qualified prospects to your business. With an appointment, a prospect is more engaged and far more likely to give you their full attention. They will show up to the meeting wanting to hear what you have to say and will be far more likely to convert to a client once you explain what you have to offer. By focusing on one person at a time, you can make a better long-term connection with your prospect. Our appointments are set in your office or the clients' home. Save $50,000 per year on your back office and let us book appointments for you!  

Attract more quality prospects than ever before. Our appointment setting solution is a powerful program that offers pre-set appointments with annuity, insurance, or investment prospects. This method of lead generation allows you to be selective and target your market. We have the experience, knowledge, products, and service that will help you find new exclusive prospects and grow your business.  For more info contact us today! 

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